Most Important Things in Your Kitchen

  • As experts recommend, providing two sizes of non-stick pans in your kitchen brings a lot more convenience for busy people. We all know how frying, sauteing, and reheating food become the quickest way in preparing meals. Having two of these pans in my own kitchen have made frying of my favorite fried eggs for breakfast. I also use the bigger pan for omelets, or when I bake simple meals.
  • Also try having two sizes of saucepans. They are the most easy to pull out for cooking hard-boiled eggs, making rice or a polenta, instant soups, sauces, boiling water and even reheating foods. Always get the one with a tall wide base and a good-fitting lid.
  • If you know a wok you will find it another useful tool in your kitchen. Woks are a necessity to every kitchen in China for its versatility in cooking quick foods over hight heat. If you like sauteing, stir frying, deep frying, stewing, making soups, and smoking, get a wor to wok in your kitchen. It’s the best tool in making fried rice from your leftover rice.
  • One of my personal aid that has been with me since I started cooking is a Dutch oven. My 9.5-quart dutch oven is very functional for slow cooking. Roasting, frying, boiling, simmering and stewing had been easier and what’s more is I can use it outdoors, so just the most ideal for picnic, camping and overnight at the beach!
  • If you love bbq, never miss the griller, or a smoker. It’s the only one pot tool that can give you awesome bbq. You may choose either one that can be used outside, or within your kitchen stove.

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