Secrets of Grilling – Primers to Look At

It's all about the sauce.

Nothing says summer like grilling, and by using a freshly made marinade, you can boost flavor while locking in moisture. A good primer is usually how it begins,  something that we all should know, but having a very elusive time to do it, many of us has made things to just slipped through the cracks of our knowledge. If its all about the flavor, then its all about the sauce.

Do you still remember that coffee adds a wonderful depth to homemade BBQ sauce? You don’t taste it outright, but use it in tandem with the acidic ingredients and it adds this kind of husky flavor to the food. The following is a list to give us all an idea how to make a marinade from scratch by using items we probably already have in our pantry. I got these ideas from Foodily, and I’m sharing.

It carries the marinade flavor and coats the food to pick-up flavors from the grill.
Use a good frying oil, like:
– Sesame Oil
– Grape Seed Oil

Adds punch, brightening the marinade
– Citrus Zest/Juice
– Wine or Vinegar

Allows flavors to penetrate into the food.
– Sea Salt or Kosher
– Soy Sauce

Foundation flavors are used to round out the marinade and balance accent flavors.
– Garlic, Onion,Ginger
– Cumin, Coriander
– Flavorful herbs like Oregano, Parsley

Highlighted flavor that stands apart from the base flavors
– Chilies
– Spices like Allspice
– Fragrant herbs like
– Rosemary

Now you can try mixing and matching sauces whatever you like.  As far as I could tell, there are no rules or guidelines so everybody has their own way of doing it. The next things to do? Your turn!

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