The Most Delicious Wood Chip Fragrance for Your Smoking

Wood chips are tiny pieces of coarse-cut hardwood that provide a quick burst of natural flavoring or smoke to the food you are cooking. Old folks grill food to impart natural flavor of wood into their meats and poultry. When chips of wood are added to the heat, smoke begins to develop. This process allows the food to capture all the natural flavorings produced by the smoke.

  • Alder brings the most distinctive nutty and heavy taste and best for meat and tofu.
  • Apple comes lighter but really fruity and nutty that works well for fish
  • Cherry is also lighter and fruity that you can use for fish, poultry and vegetables
  • Hickory is not very smoky but is best for wild poultry, and turkey too
  • Maple has the woody aroma and its light tobacco note is fabulous for seafood like shrimp and lobster
  • Mesquite is the southern favorite with a heavy taste that is mostly used for spare ribs
  • Oak can be spicy and the best for smoking salmon and dark meat fish
  • Pecan is nutty with light coffee flavor and the best option for long smoking
  • Beech is similar in flavor to Oak. It is considered a medium to bold flavor best for all kinds of meat

To make it fun and easy, get professional smoker bags. It has been endorsed by celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse as another way to achieve great smoke-cooking without any extra work and equipment. The bags already have the wood chip flavorings inside so preparation of your meal is a snap. Simply add your meat, poultry, fish, tofu, or vegetables and place on your grill, campfire or in your oven. It’s convenient there’s no cleaning-up required.

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