Types of Grills – Which One Should I Get

Planning for a new grill? I too want to be able to grill, both for my own personal cooking and for parties and such, and so I need a grill. I have seen a myriad many different grills, but I honestly can’t tell what would be best for me.

My neighbors use a charcoal grill, some biggish Weber variety, and a chimney charcoal starter which we debated for some stupid reason and have been totally happy with. While charcoal and gas grills are the most popular, one of the most common alternatives is an electric grill which is typically portable, and most are small enough to place on a table or countertop. Unlike gas or charcoal grills, electric grills can be used indoors.

Side burners

A Grill with Side Burner

You will love the side burner with the flip down cover so that you can still use it as a table/landing pad/staging area if you don’t want to use the burner. Its a great thing to be able to warm up or recude a sauce or to cook a side (beans or rice or whatever) while grilling. So, given the options I’d definitely get a grill with a side burner.


Is very classic. This is a long metal rod suspended horizontally above the fuel source and rotated slowly, usually by an electric motor. It is used primarily for slow-roasting poultry or vegetables.

Rotisserie Cooking

Cooking meat on a rotisserie creates succulent and tender meats because the meat is roasted, not grilled over direct heat. As the spit rotates, the meat cooks while being basted in its own juices. Meats prepared on a rotisserie are lower in fat because the natural fat drips off into a drip pan during the cooking process. The method of cooking meats on a rotisserie allows for an evenly brown and crunchy outside, and moist and flavorful inside.

Multi-tier grills

A multi-tier rotary grill for grilling and heating food items such as hot dogs, sausages, metts and similar food items.  Because the temperature drops considerably as the distance between the cooking surface and fuel source increases, the second cooking surface is typically used for things like steaming vegetables and keeping cooked meat warm.

A Multi-Tier Grill

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