The Simplest Grilling Recipes Every Man Should Know

Men may be excused if they can’t make desserts, but I think not if  they can’t prepare a classic meaty meal or even the simplest burger.

The simplest and most delicious meal a man should always  be ready to make with his two hands is a burger. There’s something really nice about a man who can prepare patties,  and throw them on the grill and cooking them to bleeding perfection.

Spicing is a man thing and throwing some spices in there while you’re at it is a skill. Anything from chili powder to BBQ sauce works.  There are grilling recipes that can be made with just a pan. Some guys I know don’t consider cooking a worthwhile venture. Besides the occasional stint behind the grill, they’d rather bask in blissful ignorance than feed themselves in more than 3 steps: stab, chew, swallow.

So ANYTHING tastes better after being cooked on an open flame, meat, chicken, steak, tacos, candy…ANYTHING. So whether you’re married or single, treating yourself to some home cooked goodness on the grill is always a manly thing.



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Getting those years of all work is more than inspiring to sit and express everything worth reading for all ages. But you'll see me more often write about health, cooking and the environment. Drop me a line if you have anything you'd like to talk. I'd be more than happy to hear from you. Carolyn

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