Grilling From Pantry Scratches

Some of us thinks we need the fancy cooking oils, vinegars and seasonings to make the best marinades for grilling. We even consider only a delicious variety of fish can render the best-tasting grilled fish dish.

The Compulsive Cook

I’m not sure how you take this, but for me, even the bare-bones pantry with the cheapest tomatoes and cooking ingredients can render the most delicious crockpot and grilled meals. I find the acids in the tomatoes do great in some of my all-from-scratch marinades. Funny and weird? 🙂

Owning a heavy-duty metal grill pan probably has been a help because I may have the cheapest ingredients but the large enough pan was more than enough to hold any of my cheap cuts of meat, turkey or beef roast; and with my humble marinade,  it’s like having a dish with the most delicious gourmet ingredients.

Grilling from Scratch

So I must say this, don’t underestimate what we call scratches in the kitchen. It would be a disaster if you were having guests and realized at the last minute that you were missing something essential.


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Getting those years of all work is more than inspiring to sit and express everything worth reading for all ages. But you'll see me more often write about health, cooking and the environment. Drop me a line if you have anything you'd like to talk. I'd be more than happy to hear from you. Carolyn

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