Grilling Vs Barbecuing

Grilling and barbecuing are two the same methods of cooking. But did you know that grilling is a lot different from barbecuing? Let’s see why.

Grilling is cooking food on a grill and over an intense heat for a shorter period of time. To get the most perfect grilling, allow the coals to go flaming hot; when they subside and the coals are glowing from below,  a fine layer of ash will appear on top which means they are ready for grilling.  A few minutes after the red-hot stage will give you the ashes you need to before placing food on the hot rack. For excellent results, always brush a little oil on the grill and have your food lightly but evenly oiled before cooking.

Grilling the Perfect Steak Is To Cook Over Intense Heat

Barbecuing on the other hand, is cooking long and gently over slowly smoldering charcoal. You’ll get the best barbecuing results when you arrange coals to one side of grill as this ignites and allow them to get red hot. Allowing the coals to become gray throughout and to heat with a sufficient space can provide you the temperature required before cooking. Allow food to cook very slowly.

Barbecuing Is Cooking Food Slowly Over Charcoal

For the best barbecue flavor, use either all hardwood chips or a mixture of hardwood and charcoal.


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