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Getting the Best of Your Charcoal Grilling

Control over time and temperature is the key to a successful grilling, but also know that every grill design is different.

  • The first thing to note is the cleanliness of your grill. Having a clean grill constantly results to delicious grilled food without the “ashy taste”. At the same time, old ash from your previous grilling session could cause your grill to rust and burn.

  • Next is the position of your charcoal grill. Ventilation should be considered. Avoid grilling in the bushes, under trees and maybe overhangs. Charcoal grills reviews would give you specifications of how to use your grills so make sure you follow it right.

  • Allow at least a few minutes for your charcoal grill to burn or until the charcoal turns to ashy gray in color, and to coat your cooking grate with spray cooking oil or a similar stuff in order to prevent your food from sticking when you are grilling.
  • The last but not the least is to resist the urge of constantly pouring water on fire flair. The best way to do it is to simply transfer your meat temporarily to another side of the grill until the fire subsides.

These are only the most important things to enhance your grilling method.  Since outdoor grilling is an all time favorite fun especially on a warm sunny day, most homes are with a grill and the best choice is a charcoal grill.