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What to Cook for the Holidays – Tips to Newly-Weds

Families get together during Christmas eve, it’s a tradition done every year where Christmas dinner is celebrated by millions of families throughout the world. Some cooks find it the best season to show off their best recipes and the most delicious desserts. Depending upon your sense of cooking adventure and time constraints there are many recipes for Christmas dinner.

If you’re the beginner cook, or the newly-wed, a traditional seafood meal can make your first Christmas eve more romantic and flavored. Shrimps, calamari, scungilli, baccala, mussels, clams and some delicious fish can make you a wonderful meal together. Don’t worry too much of complexity, simply prepare any of your choices in the manner you two would enjoy. Grill them, cook them on a clay terracotta and serve it right from the stove on your terracotta, or bake them in the oven with lemon wedges.

Don’t forget a good roasting rub for a taste that’s so savory. Simply roast vegetables with colorful bell peppers in a pan with 1 tsp. of olive oil and sea salt to serve with the main course.

Think of any dessert along with your favorite wine. But see to it the dessert should not be sweeter than wine. It still pays a lot enjoying both your wine and dessert.

If you want to put some challenge to your holiday cooking, a roasted monkfish is a good beginning. The wonderful taste of the fish will make things all flavorful. You can enhance it with balsamic for olive sauce, or a plain lemon mash. I tell you, it will not be your last.

Bring that love to ooze on the holidays. Goodluck!


Is There Unhealthy About Grilling

Yes, but I don’t think grilling meat is dangerous. I don’t think it’s all that unhealthy. What I see unhealthy about grilling meat is the burned fats because it has been linked to cancer.

However, if we won’t eat the burned skin for example then I think it’s just fine, well for me. Besides, there are some safety measures you can take in order to lessen the exposure to harmful chemicals created during the grilling process.

The less time your food spends on a high heat grill, the safer you will be. When cooking thick or fatty meats, try partially cooking them indoors in a microwave first. Precooking meat on high for 90 seconds before grilling can significantly reduce the amount of carcinogens you will be exposed to.

Raise the level of the grill, whenever possible, to position the food farther away from the heat source. Don’t cook over the fire. Moving your meat to the outsides of the grill will prevent them from coming in contact with large amounts of smoke.

The less high heat your meat is exposed to, the better. Grilling meats is not entirely unhealthy. Any type of grilling method makes food taste better, kills disease-causing organisms, destroys toxins and increases digestibility.