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Knowing Your Basic Griller

Grilling to Perfection

A good griller has a good size. Remember that one that is too small can be congested and the food will not cook properly, while a griller that’s too big will waste fuel.

A kettle barbecue is often made of rust-resistant enameled steel. The lid deflects heat into food for faste and even cooking.

An electric grill usually comes non-stick with a drip tray that can easily slide out and slopes off to drain fat from food.

A skillet grill is a cross between a skillet and a stovetop grill. It can be round, square or even opal and you can choose from non-stick to cast iron. One with a ridged base can drain fat off from the food leaving pretty grill marks on the food.

A stone grill is a tabletop grill that works by heating a specially designed stone.

A range or stovetop grill is the one that is placed on top of the stove and is most popular. This comes in a non-stick surface creating with a greaseless and smokeless process.